BG Europa introduce the ASTEC® Fibrebed Mist Collector to the UK Market.

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  • BG Europa introduce the ASTEC® Fibrebed Mist Collector to the UK Market.

24th November 2016 - A system for controlling blue smoke from Hot Mix Asphalt facilities is now available through BG Europa the UK agents for Astec Inc. The ASTEC® Fibrebed Mist Collector allows fugitive emissions to be collected and the oils contained condensed for recycling.

Fibrebed mist collectors operate similarly to a particulate baghouse. A damper or a variable frequency drive is used to regulate airflow and filtered air is exhausted to the atmosphere at the outlet of the fan.

The ASTEC® Fibrebed Mist Collector employs three methods for blue smoke collection: impaction, interception, and Brownian diffusion.

  • Impaction involves the collision of blue smoke particles with a fibre filter. This method is effective for particles larger than 3 microns.
  • Interception is used to collect smaller particles in the 1 to 3-micron range. Collection occurs as smoke particles graze the sides of the fibre filter while passing through the media pores.
  • Brownian diffusion is employed for the collection of sub-micron particles. Particles rotate and move along curved paths after colliding with air molecules, which move along a straight path between collisions. The random movement exhibited by the particles is known as Brownian motion. Air molecules can adeptly manoeuvre between the filter’s fibres. The haphazard movement of the smoke particles causes them to collide with the filter fibres, thus removing them from the gas stream. As particles condense on the filters, they encounter other captured particles. Multiple particles unite to form large droplets. Gravity will cause these droplets to drain from the filters to a collection system and the bottom of the filter housing is sloped to allow condensate to be drained.

Blue smoke collection efficiencies of over 99% have been achieved with these control units to meet stringent environmental compliances.

The ASTEC® Fibrebed Mist Collector is available from BG Europa who promote and install the Astec Inc. range of equipment in the UK and are local stockists of genuine Astec spare parts.

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