Mobile RAP Feeder

The BG Europa Mobile RAP Feeder is a single inline fifth wheel towed unit offering a versatile method of accurately incorporating RAP into a continuous mixing process.

The mobile unit comprises the following components:

The basic frame consists of one in line fixed unit including towing frame, conveyor structure and feed bin. Travelling width is 2.8 metres and height is 4.35 metres allowing the unit to be moved without restriction.

The single axle with 385/65R x 22.50 single tyres and airbag suspension is rated at 10500 kg at 105 km/h. The pneumatic two line braking system with universal couplings includes A.B.S. braking.

Jack legs lift the unit from the towing unit and put into operating position. Large footpads provide low ground loading to ensure that the plant can be erected on a level compacted site.

The self-relieving RAP hopper has a 4.15m charging width, is 2.45m deep and a 4.2m charging height, level capacity is approximately 10 cu metres.

A hinged grizzly prevents oversized material from entering the hopper and can be optionally hydraulically activated.

A remotely adjustable hopper discharge gate controls feed depth onto the bolt on type belt feeder. Drive by an inverter controlled variable speed bevel helical gearunit ensures the feeder has a high torque start.

The inclined conveyor is raised and lowered hydraulically providing a clearance under the discharge chute in operating position of approximately 2.5 to 5.0m. Additionally a hydraulically operated chute allows the conveyor discharge to be remotely positioned.

An hydraulically actuated hinge arrangement allows the conveyor head section to be folded to reduce unit length for transport.

Within the inclined conveyor a dual idler weighbridge with encoder arrangement accurately measures feed rate.

The unit is fully wired to an onboard IP55 starter panel containing all controls to providing suitable configuration to allow control by an existing process controller or stand alone operation.

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