Mobile KSF Foam Mix Plant

BG Europa (UK) Ltd have developed the KSF 50 and KSF 55 to meet the need for a mobile self erecting and cost effective plant to produce Foam Mix, Cement Bound Material, Emulsion and Stabilised road materials using Recycled Asphalt Pavement, Marginal Aggregates or Virgin Aggregates. The plant has many sophisticated features for producing accurately blended and thoroughly mixed high quality material at low cost.

The plants compact size and low profile makes little impact on the local environment. Low emissions make it possible to locate a KSF close to the source of the raw materials or at the job site in areas considered unsuitable for hot mix asphalt or concrete plants.


Both the KSF50 and KSF55 plants are highly mobile and designed to be within transport regulations of 3000mm wide and 4875mm high therefore not requiring notification for movement. Where headroom is restricted the hopper extensions can be dropped and the weighpods removed.


The KSF is designed to be moved onto site, erected and put into operation quickly and at minimum cost. A key start diesel driven hydraulic power pack with manually operated control valves is located on the KSF mainframe to allow plant erection without the need to start the main generator.


The foam system for the KSF range has been developed by Equipment Soter Inc. in conjunction with BG Europa.  The foam system comprises the Soter foam mix spray bar with pneumatically operated valve to select spray or circulate, variable speed pump and foam water pump. In most cases using soft water and normal bitumen produces excellent stable foam without the need for expensive chemical additives.


The steep walled self-relieving aggregate feeder hopper has a heaped capacity of 14m³ and a 4.0m charging width, extension plates are hinged and can be lowered for transport. The hopper can be optionally supplied with two compartments and adjustable feed gates for proportioning two aggregates.


The KSF utilises a loss in weight fines dosing system which offers accuracy and surety of fines addition.

One or fines feed stations can be mounted on the KSF supported from the conveyor frame. These are fed from a bulk silo either directly through a butterfly valve or via a screw conveyor.


A 6m³ stainless steel tank is divided for storage of hard and softened water. The hard water tank can be charged via the onboard self priming charging pump. Stored hard water is pumped through the onboard softening system to produce soft water for the foaming process.


The heavy duty twin shaft mixer is of rugged design with reversible Ni-hard tips for double life and bolt in Ni-hard mixer body liners. The SG Iron paddle arms are split for ease of maintenance; these can be selectively reversed to retard the material.

The mixer is driven by an electric motor fitted with powder coupling to save energy on start up and provide protection to the drive components.


An onboard diesel driven generator rated at either 100 or 135 KVA supplies the power to operate the KSF plant and ancillary equipment. An automatic watchman protection system monitors critical engine parameters and will shut down the generator if a risk of engine damage is detected.


An on board Hydrovane compressor and receiver supplies the compressed air requirements of the KSF.


Quality is achieved by accurately blending the aggregates, bitumen, fines and water through modern microprocessor controls. The PLC compensating continuous blend controller weighs the aggregate feed then proportionally and dynamically controls the addition of up to two fine materials, bitumen emulsion, water, bitumen and soft water injection.

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