Astec HMA Storage Silos

Astec HMA storage silos have many advantages not offered by competitors. Producers can store mix up to four days with Astec's unique silo design. With these storage devices, producers achieve increased efficiencies through longer production runs and provide higher service levels to their customers by having a range of mixes on hand for sale. In storage mode, the silo is completely sealed from air to prevent mix oxidation.

Astec's patented oil seal assures a perfect seal at the cone and a hydraulically operated, grease-sealed gate prevents air leakage at the top of the silo. Thick insulation and hot oil heating keeps the mix warm. Astec's special silo cone design has a steep mass flow angle. This allows the mix to move down the silo across its entire cross-section during load-out, preventing mix build-up on the silos walls. Individual silos come in sizes from 100 to 300 tons of mix and can be grouped to provide unlimited storage capacity.

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