CBM/Lean Mix Concrete Mixing

Stabilisation by the incorporation of for example; Ordinary Portland Cement, Pulverised Fuel Ash or Incinerator Bottom Ash in addition strengthens the material. The Hydraulically Bound Material (HBM) or Cement Bound Material (CBM) produced is suitable for a variety of applications such as sub base or base course in airport apron, car park and road construction and also as a material for ditch lining or slope protection.

Contaminated soils can be remediated by mixing with cementitious binders that chemically stabilise contaminants and create a matrix that solidifies the soil thus physically trapping pollutants whilst improving engineering properties.

Ex-situ stabilization by use of the KS range of twin shaft mixers offers key advantages over in-situ remediation including:

  • An improved and more homogenous mix.
  • Improved control over fine material additions.
  • Control of moisture addition.
  • Greater opportunity for sampling and analysis for process control.
  • Reduced environmental impact by containment of fine material throughout mixing process.

The KS range has an enviable reputation and has been used for stabilisation projects worldwide over many years including construction of the Bahrain Grand Prix Circuit, Seoul Airport and lava relief channels in the Philippines.

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