Mobile DA Series Silos

The DA series of Self Erecting Storage Silos offer a fully mobile storage solution with rapid site erection capability.

The silos are designed to stand on level compacted ground without the need for concrete foundations and are therefore ideally suited to mobile production processes close to the source of raw materials or adjacent to the job site.

All DA Storage Silos feature an onboard hydraulic powerpack which allows the silo to be erected from transport position to vertical operating position in under two minutes.

Once erected the silos provide accurate delivery of fine materials to many production processes either by gravimetric or volumetric mechanisms.

Twin compartment silos additionally allow the opportunity to blend fine materials for a further production process or storage.

Silos fitted with an onboard microprocessor allow the fines discharge of each fine material to be controlled by the loss in weight of the fines weigh hoppers The PLC controls the feed rate to parameters set on the DA silo, or when linked via a network connection to a compatible mixing unit, the microprocessor controls fines addition to the recipe input into the mixing plant and the production rate of the mixing process.

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