SD 1.0 Mobile Parallel Flow Dryer

The BG Europa SD 1.0 Mobile Parallel Flow Drying Plant has been developed to meet a requirement for a low capacity, versatile and cost effective package for the drying of various sand, glass and mineral products. Drawing upon longstanding experience within the low temperature drying sector the smaller sister to the SD 1.5 is nominally rated at six tonnes continuous feed per hour with 5% moisture removal.

The single chassis mounted unit incorporates a feed hopper, drying drum, fabric filter and discharge screw.

In standard form the drying package features:

Model SD 1.0 1.0m x 4.0m Parallel Flow Dryer

The drum shell is manufactured from 6mm thick 50D boiler plate steel finished with one coat of heat resistant paint and fitted with a set of bolt in and replaceable flights manufactured from 5mm thick EN8 steel.

Trunnion rollers are manufactured from EN8 steel with flame hardened wearing face and the spider drum support frame with central shaft at discharge end runs within a split housing plummer block bearing.

Direct drive is provided by a 4.0 kW bevel helical high efficiency gearmotor.

The hinged design of the airplate which incorporates the burner mountings allows easy access for servicing.

A single two stage burner unit with integral combustion fans, oil solenoid valves, oil pump and sequencing controller are mounted on the airplate. The high and low firing rates allow the required heat output to be attained. Each firing level can be adjusted allowing the dryer to be tailored to the material being dried.

The exhaust stack base and discharge hood incorporates the dryer discharge chute which is fitted with bolt in liner plates. A neoprene seal arrangement fitted between the exhaust stack base and drum shell maintains drying efficiency by preventing excess air entering the process.

A thermocouple is fitted within the discharge chute to measure the temperature of the dried material. Additionally a second thermocouple is mounted in the exhaust stack base to measure the temperature of the dryer exhaust gases and provide alternative dryer temperature control.

SFC 20 Pulse Jet Fabric Filter.

Twenty factory installed Nomex type (500 mg/m²) filter bags provide a total cloth area of 9.0m². The bags incorporate a snap ring collar to secure them into the plenum plate and provide an air tight seal.

The 20 bag cages are zinc coated to offer extended life and incorporate an integral venturi to maximise cleaning efficiency.

The compressed air manifold is fitted with solenoid operated valves to precisely control air through the cleaning cycle. An electronic pulse controller allows fine adjustment of the cleaning pulse duration and frequency to suit operating conditions.

The single discharge hopper is fitted with a rotary bindicator to indicate high level and a screw conveyor discharge  allows the collected fines to be discharged to a tote bin.

The filter exhaust fan is directly driven and invertor controlled to allow adjustment of the air flow within the drying drum to suit the drying process.

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