Astec M Pack Relocatable Plant

Astec designed a facility for customers who don’t need to move often and still want to reap the benefits of faster and more economical setup. The M-Pack is engineered as a set of modules, which are transported by truck and bolted up at the site. Astec tests each component before shipping it to your site to ensure a hassle free setup. Plus, the M-Pack gives you full-size control rooms, large silos, high production capacity, and excellent maintenance access. High production, large storage capacity and massively constructed components make the modular M-Pack super functional.

Since its introduction in the mid-1980s, the M-Pack has been refined and updated. This reliable and durable HMA plant is outfitted with the latest technology and proven Astec performance. Plus, with any Astec product you get our unbeatable customer service and support. You cannot go wrong with an M-Pack – the most advanced relocatable HMA plant on the market today.


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