Dust Conditioner

The twin shaft BG Europa Dust Conditioner provides a simple reliable method of conditioning dust with water to dramatically reduce emissions to atmosphere when transferring to vehicles or bunkers for disposal.

Key features include:

  • Heavy duty 6mm thick mild steel body which is flanged at both ends to receive the drive and tail end frames.
  • Drlled inlet flange to suit vane feeder mounting.
  • Drilled outlet flange for steel or sectional rubber rubble chute attachment.
  • Bolted dust tight covers manufactured from 3mm thick mild steel.
  • Quick release inspection door fitted interlock limit switch to prevent the door being opened whilst the paddles are rotating.
  • Two contra-rotational mixing shafts, manufactured from heavy wall tube are each fitted with bolted replaceable 12mm thick Hardox paddles.
  • Drive frame manufactured from 10mm thick mild steel plate supporting the bevel helical geared motor unit.
  • A pair of case hardened spur gears provides drive and timing for the second shaft.
  • Tail end frame manufactured from 10mm thick mild steel plate supporting the pedestal mounted tail bearings.
  • All bearings fitted with remote lubrication for ease of maintenance.
  • Spray bar assembly in 25 NB galvanised steel with gate valve to adjust water flow to achieve optimum stabilisation.
  • 110v solenoid valve to provide automatic start/stop of water addition when linked to motor controls.
  • Stainless steel spray nozzles each with a regulating valve to allow individual control of water addition.
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