FMA Ullrich has been building hot-mix storage-systems for Bituminous Road Construction for over 50 years. During this period, they have produced over 1700 Ullrich Silos for the European, Middle Eastern, Asian and African markets.

The range of stationary hot-mix storage systems allow customers to store asphalt either to expediently fulfill orders, temporarily store material when weather conditions prevent paving or to provide collect trade with rapid turn around.

Automatic skip-systems feature frequency controlled gear motors giving precise control of skip speed and positioning. This total control of the skip allows to it be smoothly accelerated along the track and then slowed as it approaches the required station thus greatly reducing stresses on the winch and rope system.

Skips feature a rounded back and full length sliding bottom gate ensuring clean discharge. Optional stainless steel or Hardox skip liners and an automatic skip spray system can be installed to ensure the system is specified to handle all types of bituminous products.

Load out systems can either feature loadcell or weighbridge weighing giving accurately controlled and rapid vehicle loading.

Silos are available in either square or round construction in a range of designs:

  • The T systems are traditional inline silos designed to reduce transport and installation costs. Square bin sections are in container design and are insulated and clad at the factory for rapid site installation. T sections can also be conveniently added to existing storage systems to enhance hot storage capacity.
  • The S systems include the S II square silos offering customers the opportunity to install hot storage in locations unsuitable for the traditional inline storage design. In many instances four bins can be installed in areas where only two or three bins were considered possible. The S II Square silo occupies an area of only 5m x 5.2m and offers total capacities of 160, 200, 260 and 320 tonnes, although other sizes can be specified. The four S bins are almost equal in size allowing maximum production flexibility, for example an S200 II features two bins at 47 ton and two bins at 53 ton capacities. Additionally the four bins discharge to a single truckway allowing vehicles to be loaded over a single standard surface mount weighbridge.
  • The H systems are a horizontal design offering maximum flexibility for large storage installations as all of the bins are of the same capacity. The bins are installed within a support structure in pairs for rapid site erection and loadcell loading flexibility. The XY horizontal skip on the silo top is supplied by the inclined skip fed from the asphalt plant. The design of the horizontal skip allows it to move across the silos in the X and Y axis to accurately discharge to any bin before returning to station in time for the return of the inclined skip.

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