SFC Compact Pulse Jet Fabric Filter

The BG Europa SFC filter is a compact pulse jet unit which is designed for container shipment therefore significantly reducing freight costs. The cleaning system uses a pulse of compressed air to generate a shock wave which provides exemplary cleaning of the bags and makes the filter ideally suited for small asphalt plants or for crushing plant applications.


The pulse jet filter is in two sections:

  • The top section is from 5mm mild steel plate with 144 (500g/m²) snap ring bags and zinc plated cages factory installed, giving a total cloth area of 162m². The Plenum plate is fabricated from 6mm mild steel plate. A knock out box at the filter inlet removes larger particles from the incoming air stream.
  • The lower pyramid hopper section from 5mm mild steel plate incorporates a tipping valve or optionally a vane feeder discharge.

An electronic pulse controller is installed within a dust tight enclosure mounted at the filter top to allow fine adjustment of cleaning pulse duration and frequency to suit operating conditions.

A flanged rectangular inlet duct connection point accepts the customers dryer or scavenger ductwork.

The filter top is accessed via a hooped ladder and is complete with access covers, kicking strips and handrails.

Discharge ducting provides full width extraction from the bag chamber, directing exhaust gases to the exhaust fan. A manually controlled stack damper is incorporated within the exhaust ducting to provide control of the airflow.

The exhaust fan is mounted on a channel base frame and driven via electric motor V belt drive with drive guard to provide 15,280 m³/hr (12 ins WG @ 20ºC).

The integral exhaust stack is ground mounted and access is provided from the filter top to the emission sampling points. Shipping Specification One 12m open top container Total nett weight approx. 10000 kg

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