Bentonite Clay Mixing

Bentonite Enhanced Soils can be regarded as synthetic clay as Bentonite when rehydrated swells to 7-9 times its volume and therefore when added to soil reduces permeability. The principle application for BES has been for landfill lining however it is also an effective seal against underlying contaminants for residential or commercial developments.

Ex-situ incorporation of Bentonite by use of the KS range of twin shaft mixers offers key advantages over in-situ incorporation including:

  • An improved and more homogenous mix.
  • Improved control over Bentonite addition.
  • Control of moisture addition.
  • Greater opportunity for sampling and analysis for process control.
  • Reduced environmental impact by containment of fine material throughout mixing process. The KS series of mixers provide a robust, reliable method of thoroughly combining soils with the fine materials utilised in this process.
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