Pugmill Mixers

BG Europa pugmill mixers are directly interchangeable with Barber Greene units on either a retrofit or upgrade basis. Additionally the compact nature of the mixers allows incorporation into most batch towers usually with the option to increase mixing capacity.

All units feature twin high carbon steel mixing shafts with split SG iron mixer arms and Ni-Hard paddle tips which are reversible and replaceable. Rotating steel labyrinth seals protect mixer bearings from dust contamination. Mixers are fully lined with 19 mm thick bolt in replaceable Ni-Hard liners.

A full width discharge gate runs on sealed rollers and is operated by a single pneumatic cylinder.

Mixers with a capacity of over 2000kg feature a belt driven shaft mounted pugmill gear box providing power transmission and shaft timing. The mounting of this gear unit on the shafts makes it independent of the tower structure and therefore prevents rotational forces from being transmitted to the batch tower structure, allowing incorporation of higher powered mixer units usually without requiring major structural modifications.

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