Retro Fit Dryer Drum Shells

BG EUROPA retrofit dryer drum shells benefit from many years of design and field experience. These dryers can be retro fitted to any asphalt plant to provide a highly efficient and versatile drying solution.

The quality features offered by the BG Europa Dryer Drum Shell ensure long life expectancy and low operational costs.

  • Drum shells manufactured from 50D boiler plate which is resistant to flaking under cyclical temperature conditions.
  • High efficiency flight patterns including insulation flights in the combustion zone to maximize radiant heat capture.
  • Adjustable drum flights enable the material veil to be modified to suit extraction and burner characteristics.
  • Bolt in flights manufactured from mild steel, EN8 plate or proprietary wear resistant steels.
  • Trunnion rings forged from a solid billet of EN8 steel, normalised and precision machined ensuring no spliced joints in the rings.
  • Drum sprockets profiled from EN8 steel with a hardened wearing face.
  • All exterior surfaces painted with two coats of heat resistant aluminium paint.
  • Optional drum insulation clad with galvanised steel sheet and fixed with plated self-tapping screws.


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