Astec Double Barrel

The Double Barrel® mixer uses a unique, energy-efficient system to dry aggregate and mix HMA. The Double Barrel's inner dryer drum rotates inside a stationary shell. Mixing paddles are attached to the outside of the dryer drum. As the dryer drum turns, it functions as the shaft of a large pug mill mixer. Mixing takes place in the bottom portion of the outer stationary shell. Drying heat is transferred into the insulated mixing zone. Mix oxidation is minimized because mixing takes place away from the hot gas stream of the dryer.

This, plus Astec's long mixing times and sequential mixing process, assures quality results. Moreover, the mixer produces no visible emissions, even when using 50 percent RAP. The Double Barrel comes in portable, relocatable and stationary versions. Portable models are available in production capacities from 200 to 400 tph, relocatable models from 200 to 500 tph, and stationary models from 200 to 600 tph. All models can be supplied as Turbo Double Barrel mixers, a special design which allows the use of a shorter drum without compromising production.


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