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BG Europa (UK) Ltd have provided specialist drying plants for many industries, including dryers for aggregates, sand, slag, mineral, glass and recovered aluminium.

The BG Europa range of Counter Flow Dryer Drums provide efficient high temperature drying for a range of aggregate products. These drums are used extensively within the asphalt industries and therefore flight design and drum construction is targeted to provide long and efficient operational life given the highly abrasive nature of these materials.

BG EUROPA rotary dryer drums benefit from many years of design and experience of a diverse range of drying applications. Each dryer unit is designed to suit individual applications and requirements.

The counterflow drying drum ensures long life expectancy and low operational costs by offering the following:

  • Heavy duty chassis in stationary, relocatable or mobile designs.
  • Drum shell manufactured from 10.0mm – 20mm thick Boiler Plate being resistant to flaking under cyclical temperature conditions.
  • High efficiency flight pattern including insulation flights in combustion zone to maximize radiant heat capture. Adjustable drum flights also enable the material veil to be modified to suit extraction and burner characteristics.
  • Two trunnion rings forged from a solid billet of EN8 steel and machined to tolerance to provide a trunnion path free from joints.
  • Pivoting trunnion roller support stools enable tracking by skewing the trunnion roller tangentially to the trunnion ring. This design ensures that the trunnion rollers have full face contact with the trunnion ring at all times, thus ensuring even distribution of forces over the roller and trunnion ring for minimum wear. This design is particularly beneficial when using nylon rollers which can be damaged by point loading.
  • Heavy duty trunnion roller assemblies incorporate internal taper roller bearings to lock all thrust forces into the roller assembly. This design significantly reduces forces on the trunnion shaft and negates the need for keyways which are traditionally a source of weakness.
  • Trunnion rollers manufactured from EN8 steel with flame hardened wearing faces for maximum life. Alternatively rollers manufactured from genuine Devol nylon can be installed to reduce noise emissions
  • Under-slung chain drive reducing the forces on the trunnion paths  and improving the life expectancy of the trunnion rings when compared to that offered by wrap over drive systems. Direct coupled high efficiency gearmotor units give compact and efficient motive power.
  • All drive sprockets are manufactured from EN8 steel and flame hardened for maximum life.
  • A spring tensioned idler support protects the chain and drive unit from shock loads and ensures operational life is maximised
  • Trunnion roller drives incorporate high efficiency gearunits mounted directly on each trunnion shaft. The BG design allows the trunnion roller to pivot for drum tracking whilst providing full face contact with the trunnion ring, ensuring optimum drive and minimal wear.
  • A choice of propriety single and multi fuel burner units from various manufacturers can be installed to ensure compatibility with local fuel and service availability.

All dryer drums are manufactured in our UK workshop to high standards of workmanship. If required we also offer a full project management and installation service from our own fully qualified engineers backed up with our fully equipped site vehicles.


For more information about our range of products please call us on +44 (0)1440 821155 email us at sales@bgeuropa.co.uk or use our contact section.
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