KS Range of Continuous Mixers

The BG Europa (UK) Ltd KS range was developed from the already established range of Barber Greene Stabilisation Mixers. The reputation for quality, versatility and reliability have ensured that the KS mixer has been chosen for many prestigious projects throughout the world.

The KS heavy duty twin shaft mixer is of rugged design with reversible Ni-hard tips for double life and SG Iron paddle arms which are split for ease of maintenance. Paddle arms can be selectively reversed to retard the material and a variable dam gate allows control of retention time for wet mixes. The mixer is driven by an electric motor fitted with powder coupling to save energy on start up and provide protection to the drive components.

Fines addition can either be volumetrically controlled or alternatively by a loss in weight fines dosing system which offers accuracy and surety of fines addition.

Water addition is accurately controlled by a three way servo motor valve and an adjustable water spraybar allows the point of moisture addition to be controlled for a range of mixes.

The KS series of Stabilisation Mixers are available in a range of sizes and in either stationary, relocatable or mobile designs all with automatic or manual control.

Stationary KS Mixing Plants

The stationary KS mixers are mounted on a support structure to allow direct truck loading. Accessed by a stairway or via a conveyor walkway the operators' platform allows easy servicing and periodic maintenance.

Relocation Package

All stationary plants can be optionally specified with a relocation package. Steel pontoons fitted to the mixer unit, inclined conveyor and cold feed unit allow these to be erected on compacted level ground without the need for concrete foundations. All units are fully wired and feature plug and socket connections for rapid site installation.

Low Cost Containerised Transportation

Stationary and relocatable plants are designed to minimise transportation costs. The KS mixer unit and inclined conveyor can be broken down into large sections suitable for open top containers, the cold feed unit and optional square fines silo both feature bolt on support legs and are designed to be transported on a flat racks.

Trailer Mount

A new addition to the range the KS Trailer Mount consists of one fixed chassis unit for road trailer transport. The single unit is crane erected and includes an aggregate bin and feeder, twin shaft mixer and fines metering system providing a low cost easily transported package.


KS50 and KS55 mixers are available as an inline fixed unit including a fifth wheel towing frame. These units incorporate a single or split aggregate bin, aggregate feeder, inclined conveyor, twin shaft mixer and fines feeders. The inclusion of a self erection package including hydraulic power pack and hydraulically operated jack legs allows them to be towed to the job site and sited without the need of a crane. The larger KS60 and KS70 mixer units can be fitted with a mobility package comprising fifth wheel towing frame, axle and full braking system to allow them to be conveniently towed as single units and crane erected on site.

Plant Capacities

KS45 KS50 KS55 KS60 KS70
APPROX MAX MIXING CAPACITY (mtph) 100 240 350 550 725
MIXER LENGTH (m) 1.50 2.10 2.28 2.40 3.05
MIXER SECTION (m) 1.1 x 0.55 1.1 x 0.55 1.35 x 0.86 1.35 x 0.86 1.35 x 0.86
ELECTRIC DRIVE (kW) 30 37 55 75 90
OPTIONAL DRIVE SIZE(kW) 37 45 75 90 n/a
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