Bitumen Emulsion Mixing

Bitumen emulsions consist of two immiscible liquids, bitumen and water, stabilised by an emulsifier. The bitumen is dispersed throughout the continuous aqueous phase in the form of discrete particles, which are held in suspension by electrostatic charges imparted to the particles by the emulsifier.

Mixing cold aggregate with a bitumen emulsion produces a coating stone which may be stockpiled for several weeks before use as a base or wearing course material.

The KS twin shaft mixer can be specified with an emulsion mixing package providing the opportunity to produce coated stone in addition to stabilised or CBM materials.

The emulsion package includes a multi position emulsion spray bar which allows mixing times to be accurately controlled to achieve full coating without excessive mixing which can lead to the stripping of the binder from the stone.

A pre-wetting water spray bar is located at the entry to the mixer and when required allows a precisely measured amount of water to be thoroughly mixed with the aggregate prior to emulsion incorporation to help to disperse the emulsion evenly throughout the mix.

The electrically heated emulsion pump with pressure relief valve ensures the emulsion is not broken prior to incorporation and the inverter controlled variable speed drive and rate of flow meter ensure accurate emulsion dosing.

The KS series of mixers provide a robust, reliable method of thoroughly combining bitumen emulsion with the aggregates and fine materials utilised in this process.

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